Living in Three Way

Strategically located at the division of U.S. 45, Three Way has something to offer everyone.

Three Way is a quaint community, perfect for raising a family and a safe, friendly place to live once the children have left the nest and continued with their own lives. It is also the perfect place to spend those retirement years. Whatever your situation, Three Way is a place you can call home.

While a relatively young city, Three Way has a rich history and a strong sense of hometown pride. 

We may be small, but Three Way is a thriving community of friendly neighborhoods with family-style values, and a small-town feel with all the conveniences only 10 minutes away.

Meet Our Neighborhoods!

This video will take you on a tour and introduce you to the subdivisions of Three Way.


Property Tax Information

Madison County Trustee office collects all property taxes for the City of Three Way

For Property Tax information, please call:

Madison County Trustee’s Office

Billy Burkhead