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Building Permit Information


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General Information:

This guide provides general information necessary to build or alter a structure in compliance with Madison County Codes. See our guidelines for more detailed residential construction requirements. Procedures and project requirements will vary depending on factors such as location, total value of construction and type of project. Requirements and procedures are subject to change. Please contact any of our offices listed below with specific questions or for additional information.


Permits are required to build, alter, repair, move or demolish any building and to do electrical, plumbing, heating, solar, and air conditioning work. Earthwork grading and driveway approaches also require permits. Permits may be obtained at your local Building Commissioner’s office.  Be sure you have all the necessary permits before you start work.

Before You Begin:

Prior to any construction and/or land disturbing activity, obtain a pre- construction inspection report permit or erosion control permit and request an on-site inspection of your lot in order to obtain approval or clearance for subsequent building permits.

Some areas of the County have erosion and sediment control provisions which result in additional plans and permits. Other areas are within zones where geological studies may be needed.

If you intend to add to or otherwise remodel an existing building, contact your local Building Commissioner office for a pre-alteration inspection before you apply for the permit. There is no charge for the pre-alteration inspection and it can help avoid problems that might occur during construction.

Zoning/Land Use Information:

Zoning/land use information may be obtained by visiting the Building Commissioner’s office or by submitting a written request. The fee to provide this information is $5.25 per parcel and requests are not taken over the phone. The public may view maps and determine zoning/land use information for no charge.

Permit Fees:

In addition to permit fees, there may be school fees, traffic fees, drainage fees or other fees due in your area. Building and Safety can provide you with information on which fees may affect your project based on the location of your property.

Residential Permits:

Permit fees for residential buildings and accessory buildings are based on the square footage of the construction work for which the permit is issued, as well as all finish work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems and any other permanent equipment.

Relocation Permits:

When a building is moved, there are a few additional steps in the application process.  Two photos (one of the front) and a termite certificate showing the building free of termites are needed when you apply for the permit. Permits for reconstruction work can be obtained anytime before the building is moved.

Temporary Use Permits:

In order to use certain structures on a temporary basis, a Temporary Use Permit must be approved by the Building Commissioner. Such structures include residential quarters, non-residential structures, recreational vehicles or mobile office trailers.

Information Required on Permits:

Owner’s Name and Address: The owner’s name, mailing address, and phone number are required on the permit application. If you have recently purchased the property, please bring documentation which shows the change of ownership.

Legal Description:� The legal description of your lot or parcel is required on the permit application and can be found on your deed, title policy, escrow instructions or contract of sale.� Lot surveys are recommended and often required.� Your Assessor’s Parcel Number can be used in place of the legal description.

Street Address: The street address of the job site is required on the permit application. If you do not have your street address, contact the Assessor of Property at (731) 423-6065 for assistance.

Signatures: Permit applications require the signature of the owner if the project is being constructed by an owner-builder.  The owner may designate an individual to act on his behalf by providing a notarized letter to the Building Commissioner which details this authorization. Permit applications may also be signed by a contractor who is licensed in the State of Tennessee. Contractors should be prepared to show their pocket license upon request for verification of current status.

Plan Requirements:

A set of plans includes a plot plan, foundation, floor, framing and roof plans, elevations, sections, details, specifications and energy information which consists of an energy compliance package, heating and cooling calculations and a list of mandatory features and devices. More detailed requirements for a set of plans can be obtained from our office. Three (3) sets of plans are required for most projects. Grading projects require five (5) sets of plans to be submitted.

Inspection Requests:

Requests for inspection may be made in person, by phone or FAX to the Building Commissioner’s Office listed above. Requests need to be received no later than 3:30 p.m. the day before the inspection is needed. The following information will be required when requesting an inspection:

Permit Number
Owner’s Name
Job Address with Cross Street
Type of Inspection Requested
Day Inspection is Requested

*Inspections are not made in all areas every day. Please contact the Building Commissioner Office to determine which day the inspector is scheduled in your area.